We’re a neurodiverse network united by a common goal –
to champion and empower neurodiversity in the creative and tech industries.

By raising our voices together, and owning our narratives, we aim to celebrate our achievements, share our challenges, and lead the way in this new frontier of diversity.


What we do

We do this through a program of evening events and advocacy work within organisations. All our work aims to empower NDs with the inspiration, insights, and tools they need to turn up as themselves and thrive, as well as educate and inform businesses on how to support them best.


What is neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the understanding and acceptance that we all have differently wired brains; that conditions such as ASC, ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia are naturally occurring variations in cognitive processing, rather than something that needs to be treated or cured.


If you would like to get involved, find out more, or start the neurodiversity conversation in your organisation, please get in touch.

Lucy Hobbs

Founder and Creative Director

Lucy Hobbs has worked as a creative art director and writer for over 20 years at some of London’s best-known advertising and digital agencies.

In 2007 she was identified as having ADHD, which helped her make sense of both her challenges and her natural creative ability.

Originally she decided to not disclose her neurodiversity because of expected stigma from a typically unforgiving industry, but, in March 2018, she had a change of heart after speaking openly at an industry conference.

At this point she recognised the need to create a safe space for NDs to share their experiences and to empower each other to turn up as themselves and thrive – so The Future is ND was born.


Bonny Hazelwood

Intern and psychology student

Alice Cappo

Lead Designer

Abi Silvester

Stories Editor and Copywriter

Maxwell Dean


Neli Urruela

Video Editor and Photographer


Ellie Gerszt - Senior Partnerships Executive at NABS
Tea Uglow - Creative Director at Google Labs Australia
John Allison - Head of The Firepit Warner Music
Michael Vermeersch - Digital Inclusion Lead at Microsoft
Wayne Deakin - ECD Huge
Sean Gilroy - Head of Cognitive Design BBC
Leena Haque – Senior UX Designer BBC Cape
Saraswati Truong - Founder of Radical Intelligence
Kian Bakhtiari - Founder, UN SDG Advocate, Financial Times Future Leader 2018
Lori Hayden - PR and business development consultant and trustee on the board of Arts4Dementia