The future is ND first event

Be part of the future of Neurodiversity


At the launch event, Lucy Hobbs, the network’s founder, introduces the platform’s exciting new mission – to bring together neurodiverse voices from the creative, advertising and tech industries to celebrate, champion and empower neurodiversity in our industry.

Each of the speakers shared their stories and while the journey of each was unique, there were certain threads that ran through the evening. All talked about the adversities they faced and how they found the strength to persist.

Chrissy Levett, Founder of Creative Conscience, shares an updated version of her TEDx talk ‘Owning your vulnerability’.

Rachel Barber – Content Director and stand up comedian, performs ‘Barbs The Wise Loves Lists’ an honest and hilarious account of living with ADHD.

Edward Butler – Graduate and visual artist brings to life how he uses his weakness as his strength in ‘Broken To Be Rebuilt’

Neli Urruela – recent graduate and video editor takes us through an emotive journey of diagnosis with  ‘I was looking for a title… but I got distracted!’

Ellie Gerszt, Senior Partners Executive at Nabs and Lucy’s co-conspirator, gives her all in – ‘The Jewish Bisexual Women with Asperger’s Syndrome and her relationship with coming out’



24/05/2018 - Campaign - Meet adland's new neurodiversity network