Creating and Celebrating Difference


“Misfits can fit in” – Victoria Buchanan

London’s most neurodiverse creative thinkers got back together for another packed programme of talks, networking and presentations at our latest event last night, celebrating the talent and fresh perspectives that neurodiversity can bring to the workplace, compared this time by Ellie Gerszt.

Kicking things off with an international viewpoint was Tea Uglow, who joined us from her base at Google Labs in Sydney where she is Creative Director of the tech giant’s Australian HQ.

Tea shared a passionate and personal account of how she approached the knotty exercise of disclosing her ADHD diagnosis, with an empowering message for the neurodiverse community to embrace our identity:

There are lots of different perspectives and different types of people” and this should be celebrated.”

Next up was Saraswati Truong, founder of Radical Intelligence, which she established as an incubator for different and radical thinkers in the UK and beyond. Her own experience of dyslexia led her to set up the incubator, which supports and harnesses the potential of the neurodivergent community.

“Sometimes, your best mentor can be yourself”

Victoria Buchanan, Creative Director at Tribal DDB, spoke next about how overcoming her own challenges of growing up with dyslexia drove her to develop a resilience that has been integral to her success.

Finally, Natasha Gold, founder at Positive Labels, shared her highly relatable story of discovering her own ADHD after her daughter was diagnosed. Natasha spoke about the importance of empowering neurodiverse children with positive messages about the diagnosis, and how we as adults can relate this to our own lives and careers.

Words: Abi Silvester


Sarawati Truong

Sarawati Truong

Founder at Radical Intelligence

Natasha Gould

Founder at Positive Labels